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Hapinoy started in 2007 with the vision of sustainably uplifting the lives of those at the base of the pyramid by empowering Nanays to become more effective micro-entrepreneurs, with the goal of eventually harnessing the sari-sari store network to provide communities access to high impact products. Since inception, the program has trained and partnered with 3,000 amazing Nanay micro-entrepreneurs. Hapinoy uses mobile technologies in a lot of initiatives, particularly around bringing financial services to the sari-sari store. The Hapinoy Sari-Sari Store Program continue to effectively empower Nanays by providing them with three main resources that they need to successfully run and grow their businesses: Education, access to capital, and new businesses.

Hapinoy’s vision is built on the idea of a FILIPINO COMMUNITY with THRIVING and SUSTAINABLE MICRO TO SMALL BUSINESSES at the GRASSROOTS level, starting with the local SARI-SARI STORE network owned and run by EMPOWERED NANAYS. It envisions a community where basic goods are accessible and more and more services that improve the quality of life are efficiently delivered to even the most rural of areas.

Business Category

Consulting and professional services

Business Sub-Category

Research, Marketing & Outreach

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What makes it a social enterprise?

In addition to Hapinoy's Sari-Sari program, it also has a corresponding Market Research and Insight Program which aims to aid companies understand the base-of-the-pyramid, enabling them to develop products, services, or communication strategies that will properly capture and benefit the market. The program partners with Hapinoy’s community of Nanays and network of stores to provide companies with the best and most direct medium to understanding consumers and retailers in low-income markets. Working directly with the Nanays allows Hapinoy to gain first-hand information and insight regarding their mindsets and behaviour as resellers and consumers, which they then turn into actionable recommendations to aid companies in developing and growing their products and services for this segment.

What is its social cause?
Entrepreneurship & local business development, Poverty eradication
Who does it impact?
Women, Low-income individuals



[email protected]

Phone Number

+63 (2) 920 9580


Loyala Heights, Quezon City, Philippines

Where is Hapinoy in Philippines

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