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Maruyog Charms sells fashionable amulets (anting-anting) hand-made by the Kati-Kati Aeta indigenous community from Guimaras Island. Maruyog means beautiful in the local dialect and those charms are believed to have intrinsic powers according to their culture. The accessories are made of indigenous materials such as dried roots, coconut oil and stones named Diamante Negra. The accessories they are selling are mostly bracelets and earrings but they are planning to expand to necklaces and bag designs in the future.

Founded by Churchille Montealto, this social enterprise won the grand prize at the Social Entrepreneurship Venture Day Manila awarded in December 2014.

Business Category

Retail & Ecommerce

Business Sub-Category

Filipino handcrafts, Jewelry, bags & accessories

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What makes it a social enterprise?

Maruyog Charms wants to alleviate high poverty inside the Aeta community by providing them with a sustainable income that can give work to the youth and women of the community. By selling those accessories as high-end products at a better price than what they can get on the local market and by making it a global brand, the Aeta community can aspire to have a more stable source of income from the production of their art.

Because the handcrafting of those charms are part of the community's culture and traditions, Maruyog Charms is promoting the rich heritage of the Aeta community on the Guimaras island and increasing the awareness of their culture across the Philippines.

What is its social cause?
Culture, Poverty eradication
Who does it impact?
Aboriginal / Indigenous groups


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Sitio Kati-Kati, Barangay San Miguel,
Jordan town,

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