Unlad Kabayan Migrants Social Enterprise

About the organization

Savings Mobilization and Investment – assists migrants to organize into savings groups. Once money is saved, migrants can invest in existing or new businesses.

Training and Education – provides comprehensive training to migrant communities, including courses in savings strategies, investment, management, and social entrepreneurship.

Credit Program – provides supplemental capital and production loans. Unlad also assists cooperatives and organizations to establish their own credit programs.

Business Category

Services to social enterprise, co-operatives, non-profits, charities, etc.

Business Sub-Category

Microfinancing & investing, Training & Management Services

Year Founded


What makes it a social enterprise?

Unlad Kabayan Migrant Services Foundation Inc. is a non-government organization (NGO) based in the Philippines that is supporting social enterprises but not a social enterprise itself. Formed in 1996, they focus on migrant workers and social entrepreneurship in the Philippines. They pioneered the approach of directing migrants' savings into business and enterprise development in some of the poorest areas of the Philippines.

The mission is to promote social entrepreneurship and social enterprises by mobilizing migrant workers, the marginalized in the community and their resources to build a sustainable local economy.

What is its social cause?
Social enterprise development
Who does it impact?
Other social enterprises, co-operatives or charities, etc.



[email protected]

Phone Number

(00 63 2) 794 1379


3/F Room-9, UCCP Building,
#877 EDSA West Triangle,
Quezon City

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