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VESTI is a social enterprise that combines the beauty of traditional indigenous fabrics and textiles with high-end and modern fashion. VESTI offers a line of functional and lifestyle bags made of indigenous fabrics from Mindanao and aims to share the region's unique culture and artistry through its beautiful textiles.

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VESTI products are available outside of Philippines on Cambio & Co., our shop for products handcrafted and designed in Philippines.

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Retail & Ecommerce

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Filipino handcrafts, Jewelry, bags & accessories

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What makes it a social enterprise?

Founded by designer Martha Rodriguez, VESTI collaborates with tribes and communities in Mindanao, as well as with small-case industries and livelihood programs to support local artisan weavers by buying fabrics directly from them, without the aid of a middle man or other parties.

Being from Mindanao herself, Martha Rodriguez created with one goal in mind: build Mindanao Pride by showcasing indigenous fabrics woven from different tribes in Mindanao and transforming them into modern functional and lifestyle bags. VESTI is a social enterprise fully committed to preserving the Mindanao textile industry and promoting Mindanao culture.

What is its social cause?
Culture, Entrepreneurship & local business development
Who does it impact?
Rural Communities, Aboriginal / Indigenous groups


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Mindanao, Philippines

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