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Benitez Collection is a social enterprise that produces eco-friendly handmade beaded jewelry. They are made of papier mache from recycled and used newspaper, magazines, cardboard and plastic that were found in garbage dump or donated to them.

Benitez Collection was founded by Ramona Benitez McClelland, mother of the founder of Bambike and Bambowtie. The first production was started in the same Gawad Kalinga community where Bambike is producing their bamboo bikes: Victoria Tarlac. Ramona makes the design of the jewelry and also taught the women in those communities on how to make the beads and bangles themselves. Since the founder lives in the United States, she shares her time between the two countries and sells a lot of those items in the United States (in trade shows or online). Nowadays, there are also women in Ligtasin and the Abra weaving village that are producing jewelery and accessories items for Benitez Collection.

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Retail & Ecommerce

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Green products, Filipino handcrafts, Jewelry, bags & accessories

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What makes it a social enterprise?

The production and sales of those items by Benitez Collection provides revenue and employment to women from less privileged villages in the Philippines.

On top of paying wages to those women producing accessories, 10% of the revenues generated from the sales of those items are re-invested into Gawad Kalinga projects for the community of those villages to help fight poverty.

Both products and packaging are made of recycled paper, used plastic materials and non-toxic paints and varnishes. These types of materials ensure their production is eco-friendly.

Their social practices encourage the triple "P" bottom line: PEOPLE, PLANET and PROGRESS.

What is its social cause?
Environment, Employment development & skills training, Poverty eradication
Who does it impact?


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Victoria, Tarlac

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