Generation Hope

About the organization

Hope is a water bottle company that donates 100% of its profits to building classrooms for the public schools in Philippines. As of November 2016, they had sold 7 millions of bottles and built 37 classrooms in the country.

Business Category

Food and beverage services

Business Sub-Category

Food production and/or distribution

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What makes it a social enterprise?

HOPE wants to be as big, as professional, and as profitable as any multinational company, but instead of making a few people rich - they measure their bottom line by how much they improve the Philippines. All their profits are re-invested into building classrooms across the country.

What is its social cause?
Who does it impact?


[email protected]

Phone Number



Makati Central Post Office, PO Box 4055
Makati, Philippines

Where is Generation Hope in Philippines

Resources to learn more about Generation Hope

[Business Mirror] Hope to build 28th classroom from water sales

Generation Hope on Social Media

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