Good Food Co.

About the organization

Good Food Community is about growing a sustainable society that nourishes everyone through a system known as Community Shared Agriculture. Through becoming a co-producer, you can pledge to support farmers for a fixed period, enabling them the security of a stable demand despite market and environmental risks. In return, you are given a basket of fresh, organic, seasonal shares of the harvest every week for that period.

And much, much love.

Business Category

Food and beverage services

Business Sub-Category

Food production and/or distribution

Year Founded


What makes it a social enterprise?

Good Food Community aims to "change the world with food". All fees from subscriptions and pledges are used to support local farmers and sustain operations, while also providing consumers the opportunity to visit the farms where the food is grown, learn about farmers' stories, and gain a newfound respect and awareness of food and the community around them.

This is a movement to re-localize the food economy, make farming more sustainable, conserve and protect soil resources and build the health of the community.

What is its social cause?
Environment, Health and wellness, Rural development
Who does it impact?
Rural Communities


[email protected]

Phone Number

+63 906 433 2324


Quezon City, Philippines

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