About the organization

Hamlet is a social enterprise that was born out of Gawad Kalinga, an organization committed to ending poverty in Philippines. Hamlet aims to serve “the good meat” - guilt-free, safe, and healthier meat that is free of artificial preservatives at prices that are accessible to all.

Hamlet works in partnership with families from Gawad Kalinga communities to create meat products such as: dumplings, patties, and sausages. These are served through food stalls called “Hamon” - which can be directly translated to ham, but which also means “to challenge” in Filipino.

Business Category

Food and beverage services

Business Sub-Category

Food production and/or distribution

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What makes it a social enterprise?

Hamlet is committed to producing safe and healthy meats that can serve as alternatives to the processed and artificial meats available on the mass market. The goal is to make these products highly accessible and within reach for all.

They partner with Gawad Kalinga communities (areas that are traditionally low-income and underprivileged) in order to create sustainable livelihoods, build skills, and improve working conditions. Each "hamon" food stall aims to generate enough income to support three families, and additional profits will be re-invested into community training programs to develop residents into cooks and business managers. They also invest in educational programs within their partner communities and offer weekly tutorial sessions for children.

By supporting Hamlet, you also support Gawad Kalinga - an organization committed to achieving its 2024 goal of ending poverty by providing housing, creating sustainable livelihoods, and developing uniquely Filipino social enterprises that will transform rural villages into strong and lasting communities.

What is its social cause?
Poverty eradication, Health and wellness, Rural development
Who does it impact?
Rural Communities, Youth, Low-income individuals



GK Enchanted Farm,
Pandi-Angat Rd, Angat, Bulacan, Philippines

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