Hybrid Social Solutions Inc. (HSSi)

About the organization

Hybrid Social Solutions, Inc. is an award-winning social enterprise that provides rural, off-grid communities in the Philippines with sustainable access to high-quality, affordable solar technologies aimed at spurring basic development. They engage with a number of partner organizations and local communities in order to develop and distribute energy solutions tailored to address energy poverty challenges which meet each community's specific needs.

They carry a line of solar home appliances that enable users to harness the power of the sun to meet their everyday needs, such as: lamps, lights, mobile phone chargers, power boxes and other low-power DC home devices - each manufactured from durable materials to ensure long-term use.

Business Category

Energy & Infrastructure Services

Year Founded


What makes it a social enterprise?

Hybrid Social Solutions, Inc. (HSSi) has a clear social purpose aimed at addressing the energy poverty challenge facing rural communities in the Philippines. HSSi also created the Solary Energy Foundation Network for Rural Development, in partnership with SunTransfer, which allows its member organizations in Kenya, Ethiopia, and the Philippines to negotiate with suppliers and obtain exclusive distribution rights for certain products, allowing it to reduce prices.

By staying true their mission and keeping costs low, they are able to remain sustainable while addressing the access gap facing vulnerable communities.

What is its social cause?
Human Rights, Rural development
Who does it impact?
Rural Communities, Low-income individuals



[email protected]

Phone Number

020 456 789


186 Salcedo St. Makati City, 1229 Philippines

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