Olivia and Diego

About the organization

Olivia and Diego is a social enterprise that is based within the Davao region of Mindanao. It offers an eco-ethical line of authentic and handmade accessories that showcases upcycled jewelry made out of old knitted t-shirts and office supplies.

Want to buy their products?

Olivia and Diego products are available outside of Philippines on Cambio & Co., our shop for products handcrafted and designed in Philippines.

Business Category

Retail & Ecommerce

Business Sub-Category

Green products, Jewelry, bags & accessories

What makes it a social enterprise?

Olivia & Diego aims to lift communities out of poverty and create environmental awareness from the sourcing of materials to the distribution. The social enterprise works with communities of women and children to teach them the necessary skills to produce beautiful jewelries. This way, they can have access to a larger market as well as a more sustainable livelihood that would help them become more empowered members of society.

Olivia & Diego are committed to their cause, and encourage an environment of socially responsible consumers who are seeking an alternative to mass produced products.

What is its social cause?
Environment, Employment development & skills training, Rural development
Who does it impact?
Rural Communities, Youth, Women



[email protected]


Davao City,

Where is Olivia and Diego in Philippines

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