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About the organization

Woven Crafts’ mission is to uplift the lives of traditional artisans and sustain weaving as a culturally and economically relevant livelihood. They help weavers earn the most income out of their craft by providing training, access to resources, and product development.

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Retail & Ecommerce

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Filipino handcrafts, Jewelry, bags & accessories

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What makes it a social enterprise?

Woven is dedicated to uplifting the lives of artisanal filipino weavers involved in traditional crafts and producing high-quality local products for the modern world from the local Filipino communities in Basey, Samar, Basilan Province, and Marikina, Manila.

Woven hopes to keep the money flowing into these communities, and help artisans earn more from weaving and embroidery. As a social enterprise, they don’t just buy and sell; they design for the community.

They hope to help the communities weave a new pattern for their craft – with better market access comes more income for craftsmen and women, and with more income comes greater incentives for the young generation to take up the art of their parents. They don’t just provide employment and market access to weavers; they rig the industry in their favor.

What is its social cause?
Culture, Employment development & skills training, Rural development
Who does it impact?
Rural Communities, Aboriginal / Indigenous groups, Women



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+63 09178395646


Manila, Philippines

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