WVN Home Textiles

About the organization

WVN Home Textiles is a women-owned enterprise which creates handwoven textile products. They work with weaving communities around the Philippines to co-create contemporary textiles that can be used for the home. WVN's products are traditionally made using local handloom weaving methods.

Business Category

Retail & Ecommerce

Business Sub-Category

Fair Trade, Filipino handcrafts, Jewelry, bags & accessories

Year Founded


What makes it a social enterprise?

WVN Home Textile's advocacy is to reinvigorate the use of their local textiles by making it relevant to the younger generation. Their dream is to get younger people into handloom weaving by showing its financially viability, and for these young weavers to recover the skills and tradition passed down to them by their mothers and grandmothers.

What is its social cause?
Culture, Employment development & skills training
Who does it impact?
Youth, Women

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